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3 min readJan 16, 2023
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Our Rating: 4/5


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Phone number: 020 3882 3348


CQC: Here

HIS License: Here

Virtual Consultations: Available

In-Person Consultations: Not Available


  • Initial Integrative Medicine Assessment: £299
  • Short Initial Cannabis Prescription Consultation: £99
  • Standard Follow-Up Appointments: £149
  • Extended Follow-Up: £299
  • Initial ADHD Assessment: £799
  • Repeat Prescription: £29
  • Switch: £150

Cannabis is not included, you must get it from the pharmacy.

It does not include any devices or items needed to start your cannabis treatment.

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Partner Associations: Project Twenty21

Why Resilience Medicine Clinic?

After legalizing cannabis for medical purposes in the UK, many clinics have switched to complete cannabis-based treatments. With extensive research in the field and the proven benefits of cannabis for chronic illnesses, these cannabis clinics of the UK are providing safe and assisted treatment plans to patients with neurological, mental, pathological, psychological, and related issues.

The Resilience Medicine Clinic, founded by Dr. Dani Gordon, is known for authentic cannabis treatments for many issues, especially, mental health, pain relief, and cognitive dysfunction. Dr. Gordon is famous for being a world-leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine, integrative medicine, and stress resilience. The doctors at the Resilience Medicine Clinic provide comprehensive treatment plans for lasting recovery and well-being. Dr. Dani herself is well-known for specialising in mental health and multi-system symptoms conditions such as mood swings, energy drain, mental function (brain fog), stress, pain, sleep, and digestion.

The clinic goes with an integrative medicine (IM) approach for treatments with a combination of medical cannabis (MC) and general pharmaceutical prescriptions. At Resilience Medicine you get holistic programs including diet, nutraceuticals, and mind-body approaches added to drug therapy.

Resilience Medicine is associated with Project Twenty21, the renowned project by the Drug Science association, focused on providing safe and affordable treatments to patients at lowered prices.


At the Resilience Medicine Medical Clinic, the doctors will help you get an initial consultation with Dr. Dani Gordon for £299 while the initial cannabis prescription consultation will be for £99. The short psychiatric consultation with Dr. Metastasio is for £299 while the follow-up with Dr. Okirie for neurology is for £150. Also, special ADHD consultation is for £799.

The existing patients using cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) can switch to this clinic for £150. With a free online questionnaire for eligibility assessment, you can get access to Resilience Medicine.

Additionally Offered Treatments

At Resilience Medical, you get plenty of treatment options like tests and assessments for various issues. For instance, you can get immunology testing, functional medicine tests, epigenetic testing, microbiome testing, gut health restoration, hormone balance therapy, neutraceutical protocols, and stress hormone testing.

These treatments can be highly effective when combined with cannabis-based products for long-term recovery.

With authentic care and treatment plans at Resilience Medical, patients receive long-term care and recovery options for plenty of issues. They are taken into the care of world-renowned doctors and specialists who have years of experience in their respective fields. Thus, UK locals and patients from all over the world can receive quality care and prescriptions from this clinic via virtual consultations.



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